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Mercedes Benz Key Replacement Hertfordshire & Essex

Picture this: you’re about to set off to work in your car, only to find that the Mercedes key won’t work or you simply cannot locate it. Not only are your daily plans ruined, but you now face the worrying decision of what steps to take next. This car is your pride and joy as well as a financial investment; you will want to leave it in the hands of professionals who know how to navigate a high-end vehicle.

It might be necessary for someone to pick the lock of your car in order to gain access to your vehicle, which requires a professional hand that can perform the job quickly and without causing any permanent damage to your car. Luckily for you, we are the Mercedes key specialists who have the skill and knowledge to fix your car-related problem. Our professional team can navigate a high-end vehicle and are able to solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re stranded in the middle of a motorway, or simply in your home driveway, we offer a rapid mobile Mercedes key replacement service so that you can get back on the road in no time. Accidents happen and items get misplaced, but we will work tirelessly to replace your lost Mercedes key no matter the circumstances. To prevent the panic-fuelled situation from happening in the future, you can use our services to get a spare key which you can store in your house in the event of a future accident.

A Mercedes key is truly advanced and unique to your vehicle. Unfortunately, this also means that if anything goes wrong with the programming of your key, your car won’t even start. We offer Mercedes key programming services, able to synchronise your key and car together and fix any technological glitches. You won’t even need to visit a mechanic; we travel to you and are able to reprogram your key from the back of our mobile van. Our expert team are able to fix and reprogram your Mercedes key in under an hour so that there’s no need for a long and stressful wait when you need to get back to your daily duties.

Mobile Mercedes Key Auto Locksmith
Mercedes Vito Mobile Key Programming
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Models covered for Mercedes key programming Hertfordshire & Essex

Even the most prestigious cars can be subject to operational errors, but we are able to fix the issues of most Mercedes models. If your vehicle is an official Mercedes Benz with a legitimate badge, our services are likely to be perfect for you and your car.

The models we cover include the W906 Mercedes Sprinter and any models of this vehicle that were created between 2006 and 2017. Our dexterous team can get you back into this commercial van quickly, by replacing your key if it has been lost. The Mercedes Sprinter might have all of your work tools or equipment trapped in the back, leaving you completely stranded in terms of work options; it’s important that you have a knowledgeable team of people who can give you access to the van on the very same day. Opportunist thieves who have stolen your keys might take advantage of this, using the keys to access your work tools and potentially steal the van itself. Reprogramming your car key will set your mind at ease, as the thieves will no longer be able to gain access to your vehicle; only your new key will work.

We can also offer our key programming services to owners of a Mercedes A-class made between 2004-2014. Without your key fob, using your car is almost impossible. This might be due to some internal damage caused by impact or a fall, or it might simply be a technical issue with the key’s programming. If you are unsure of the underlying problem, we can detect the issue and fix it. We can also troubleshoot any synchronisation issues with the key or car and fix any fault or wiring damage without causing any lasting damage to the key or the vehicle’s exterior.

If you are unsure if your Mercedes-Benz qualifies for our services, simply contact a member of our team who can tell you if our services cover your vehicle or not. If your model qualifies, we offer standard and fair pricing for our programming and replacement services.

Keys locked inside a Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire – Essex

It only takes a second of absent thought to lock your keys inside your vehicle. It’s a simple mistake to make and although you think it will never happen to you, it can and is incredibly common. Most people leave their keys in the ignition while they step outside, closing the door behind them. In instances such as this, you can’t afford to wait a day or overnight as thieves might spot the keys in the ignition and see this as the perfect opportunity to get a free car. We can get out to you within the hour, operating 24/7, even on Sundays.

When handling luggage, it is easy to throw your bag in the boot of your car, forgetting that your Mercedes key is inside it. Many people attempt to break into the boot of their vehicle to retrieve the key, wedging the door open or even resorting to smashing open a window. This will cause damage to your prized vehicle and can even end up costing you more in the long run when it comes to repairs. We can retrieve your key from the boot of your vehicle without causing any lasting damage to the car’s body. Our expert locksmiths know how to pick the lock of every Mercedes model, quickly and cleanly. Many people avoid calling upon the professionals because they feel embarrassed about locking their keys inside the car, but our team will simply embark on the task at hand no questions asked; it’s a simple mistake that can happen to anyone.

Electronic steering lock failure

Failing electronic steering lock mechanisms are common complaints with modern cars and are particularly frequent with Mercedes W204 2007-2014 C-class vehicles. This is when your current car key and spare key fail to start your Mercedes, even though your car battery is fully charged and functional; this is due to failed signalling within the computer’s system which shuts off for safety reasons. You can tell if your car has a steering column fault if it has any of the following symptoms:

– You need to turn the key several times in the ignition before any engine or light activity.
– You are unable to turn the wheel when the key is in the ignition.
– The steering lock is off when the key is absent from the ignition.
– There is an unusual clicking noise when you attempt to start your engine.

These issues may occur suddenly or gradually evolve into a bigger problem. Ignoring the issue may lead to further and more severe damage that will incur you a significant financial cost. It might also mean that your car is taken in by a mechanic for days or even weeks at a time and could even be written off. Address these issues as soon as you notice them and leave your car in the hands of professionals who know what to mend and which parts need replacing. We can commute all across the UK in order to get to you and fix your car on the roadside.

Whether the issue is linked to a programming error in the key or if the fault lies within the mechanics of the car itself, we can give you an accurate overview and suggest the next appropriate actions. Our team have experienced every car fault imaginable and thoroughly understand the mechanisms of high-grade vehicles. Our advanced technology and programming system can unlock your steering wheel and give you full control over your car once again; we aim to have your car up and running as quickly as possible.

Mercedes E Class Failed Steering Lock

Mercedes Benz Auto Locksmith Essex & Hertfordshire

Keys that operate using a digital format truly revolutionise the way we drive our vehicles. They make it easier to use a car and also make it a more secure vehicle, offering an extra layer of protection against potential thieves. However, a downside of these advanced vehicles and their accompanying keys is that owners are at risk of being locked out of their vehicle.

We are the most capable Mercedes Benz locksmiths on the market, able to grant you access to your vehicle. Like the surgeons of high-end cars, our skilled team are even able to extract keys that may have broken in the ignition or doorway. We offer key replacements that are just as effective as the keys from the original dealership and are sure to be sturdy and reliable for years to come. An unqualified locksmith can damage your car and may not handle your Mercedes with the appropriate level of high-quality care that your car needs and deserves. Our certified and insured team will give you peace of mind that your car will be left in perfect working order.

Mercedes C Class Key Replacement

Stolen/Lost Mercedes Benz Keys Hertfordshire

Dropped down a drain, lost in the streets, or simply vanished into thin air; we have all lost our car keys at some point. It’s incredibly stressful to be searching high and low for your keys, especially if you have an important day at work ahead of you. We can be with you within the hour, able to get you a replacement key. Even if your original key turns up after a few days, it is always useful to have a spare key for the next time you’re tearing apart settee cushions looking for it.

While a spare key is always useful to have in your home, this is not particularly helpful if your original key has been stolen. More than just replacing the locks, a technologically advanced car from the Mercedes range will require reprogramming in order to prevent anyone else gaining access to your vehicle. You will need to act quickly if this unfortunate event has happened to you, as opportunist thieves will strike when you least expect it and steal your car.

We use the latest technological advancements to wipe the electronic chip in your car and key, programming it to forget the old key and not acknowledge it if anyone tries to use it. Our replacement keys will work just as efficiently and fluidly as the original. Key reprogramming is a tricky task and it takes a professional to perfect it. Less qualified car key specialists might produce keys that don’t work consistently, but our replacements are of the highest quality; no one will realise that it isn’t the original.

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