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Prestige Mobile Car Key Replacement Letchworth

Based in Harlow, Essex, Auto Key Specialists are a mobile vehicle locksmith service helping you to gain access to your prestige automobile with our mobile car key replacement service available in and around Letchworth.

Any of us could at one time or another find ourselves locked out of our vehicle, be it at home or whilst out and about or at work. Whilst many mobile vehicle locksmiths can regain entry to a great number of cars, drivers of prestige and high-end vehicles are faced with the problem that many of the locksmiths do not have the knowledge, experience or tools to cut and programme premium keys. If you drive a vehicle such as a BMW, Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz or Volvo, then don't get caught out by entrusting your vehicle with those without the correct expertise in prestige cars. Here at Auto Key Specialists, we have all the correct technology and expertise to supply you with replacement car keys rapidly.

Calling out a vehicle locksmith without checking their credentials or knowledge regarding prestige vehicles could leave drivers at risk of additional problems further down the line. Substandard keys are prone to becoming faulty in the future, leaving you right back to square one - locked out of your vehicle and in need of a new key. Locksmiths who operate without the most up to date and correct technology for prestige cars such as sports cars, high-end 4x4's, SUVs and luxury brands will leave you waiting much longer for a key, and for that key to be substandard.

Drivers of high-end vehicles are only too aware of the security processes necessary to protect their vehicle. Auto Key Specialists customers can take peace of mind from our advanced processes that combine laser and chip technology. This ensures that only your key will be able to unlock your vehicle as the key is individualised and paired to only that car. With newer cars using proximity sensors now, the key is detected rather than entered into the ignition to start the car. This makes it essential that each new car is coded to your cars unique electronic control unit (ECU).

Auto Key Specialists

Mobile Auto Locksmith Letchworth

On call for any of your vehicular locksmith requirements, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. You never know when you might lose your keys or become locked out of your vehicle, so we are at the end of the phone with a responsive and reliable service.

We are proud to offer a same day service for your vehicle locksmith requirements. Whether you are at home, at work, or on a day out, one of our experienced locksmiths will come to you. No matter what prestige vehicle you drive, we have the technology and expertise to be able to provide you with a key for your car whether it be a Range Rover, Land Rover, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, or other high-end vehicle.

Our latest technology and knowledgeable locksmiths are able to provide you with a premium transponder key which is fully secure and unique to your vehicle only.

At Auto Key Specialists, we understand that to our customers, time can be of the essence and having a car that cannot be used can cause untold disruption to their day. That is why we are proud to make it our aim to attend every customer within one hour! From our base in Harlow, we aim to locate you within the Essex or Hertfordshire area and provide your new premium key rapidly and efficiently. Once we have located you, it takes approximately one hour for a transponder key for vehicles such as VW, Bentley, Audi and other prestige vehicles to be created.

As part of our commitment to being open and honest with pricing and to not mislead with hidden extras, we will provide you with a quote when you call to request a locksmith. This quote is the final price you will pay and covers the entire service, from call out charges, our travel to you, and the cost of producing and programming the key to your vehicle. There is no misleading small print so you are not caught out by additional charges.

Car Key Replacement Letchworth
Keys locked in car in Letchworth

Non-destructive Vehicle Entry

Many of us are familiar with the sinking feeling of realising we have locked our keys in our car. Whether they're dropped in the boot whilst loading shopping, or accidentally triggering the locking mechanism whilst attempting to jump start your car, knowing your keys are locked firmly inside can ruin your entire day.

Smashing the glass of vehicles to retrieve the keys may seem like a good idea at the time. However, it can a potentially dangerous way for you to gain entry to the car, not to mention the damage and cost of having to repair the destructive entry. At Auto Key Specialists, we can help you to gain entry to your car safely, securely, and responsibly whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Our trained specialists are experts in using the correct methods to gain entry to a range of prestige vehicles such as Audis, Jaguars, Mercedes Benz and BMWs. We use non-destructive methods to help keep costs to a minimum. There is no need to smash a window or try and crowbar a door open when we are able to come to you and grant you access to your vehicle with no damage to it.

When considering a locksmith to help gain entry to your high-end vehicle, you could go for the cheapest quotation or closest locksmith. However, particularly where prestige vehicles are concerned, this can often lead to additional problems and issues in the future with substandard keys. At Auto Key Specialists, we are experts in luxury vehicle re-entry. We can grant you access to your vehicle without causing damage to your car, keeping costs to a minimum and saving you any future issues. Whether you are in Harlow or the wider Essex or Hertfordshire area including Letchworth, we aim to be with you within the hour and to have you back in your vehicle rapidly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our speedy, reliable and quality service. Get in touch to see how we can help you with your prestige car key requirements.

Luxury Car Locksmith

At Auto Key Specialists, we are experienced vehicle locksmiths who specialise in high-end, prestige vehicles and luxury cars. We cover a wide range of manufacturers including BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Range Rover, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover and more. Instead of entrusting your prestige vehicle to just anyone, using us as specialists will ensure your car is in great hands.

Our customers return to us time and time again as they know that other locksmiths who use substandard technology can leave you with a key that causes problems in the future.

A faulty transponder key for your luxury vehicle could leave you locked out of it further down the line. An incorrectly programmed key could leave your car unsecured and with you struggling to gain access to your vehicle again.

Whether you drive a Ferrari, VW or Bentley, our experienced locksmith technicians are fully trained and competent in understanding the laser and chip technology behind programmed transponder keys. We can provide you with a replacement key that is as effective and reliable as the original. Once your new key is coded to your car’s ECU, you can relax knowing that the proximity sensor will detect your new key and work as effectively as the original.

Drivers of luxury vehicles in Essex and Hertfordshire trust Auto Key Specialists based in Harlow for rapid, efficient, friendly and reliable key replacement. Our team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals understand the importance of granting you access to your vehicle in a fast and efficient manner.

For access to your luxury vehicle, don’t take the risk of entrusting your car to a locksmith that does not have the experience or knowledge to grant you access quickly and efficiently. Here at Auto Key Specialists, we are proud to call ourselves experts in the field of high-end, luxury makes and models of car and have all the experience needed to grant you access to your car and avoid the risk of running into problems in the future. We use the latest technology and are always working on the training and development of our staff to ensure they are up to date with the latest knowledge about prestige cars to ensure your vehicle is in the best hands.

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