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Mobile Jaguar Key Replacement

If you lose the key to your Jaguar or simply lock it inside the car by accident, it makes perfect sense to call experts who know this make of car inside out, and at Auto Key Specialists we have a team of skilled engineers who have a vast amount of experience when it comes to Jaguar key replacement.

As Jaguar key specialists with a reputation for outstanding levels of customer service, we can take care of everything from cutting the keys to reprogramming your car’s entry system if necessary, and the best part is that we bring our expertise and state of the art equipment directly to you.

Lost Jaguar keys can be a nightmare, whether this happens at home or whilst out and about, and we have everything in place to avoid a costly trip to a local garage or your main dealer. Our mobile Jaguar key replacement includes supplying high-quality keys to ensure that they last as long as possible, unlike other inferior providers who claim to be ‘professionals’.

Although other companies may claim to be Jaguar key specialists, we are confident of being one of the leading mobile automotive locksmiths in the Harlow area, and we cover the surrounding parts of Essex and Hertfordshire as well.

One of the main reasons for our excellent collection of customer feedback is that we will always enter a vehicle without causing any damage to the paintwork, bodywork or existing electrical system. There is nothing worse than being hit with a costly repair bill after employing the services of a car locksmith, and more importantly, we are just as passionate as you are about keeping your Jaguar looking beautiful!

Jaguar key programming is also something that we can carry out at the roadside, and our specialists can make sure that the ECU (Electrical Control Unit) is properly programmed to prevent further callouts in the near future.

To discover exactly why so many local Jaguar owners trust Auto Key Specialists for their locksmith needs, please call us on 07394 20 1111. You can also get in touch by email on

Models covered for Jaguar key programming

Because we have a vast amount of experience in providing mobile locksmith services for Jaguar vehicles, our experts have been able to develop an intimate working knowledge of every model in their current range. Many of our customers have told us that they have already tried so-called ‘Jaguar specialists,’ only to then be presented with someone who didn’t have the correct tools and knowledge for the job.

Every different model that is produced by Jaguar will have specific technical needs when it comes to programming the keys correctly, and fortunately, we have worked on enough of them to have exactly what it takes to get owners back on the road as quickly as possible. We cover Harlow and the surrounding areas of Essex and Hertfordshire.

Our expertise covers the F-Pace, E-Pace and I-Pace, along with the F-Type. In addition to this, we are also highly experienced with the XE, XF and XJ models.

SVO Jaguar models are very special indeed, and so if you have one of these custom-made masterpieces we would be delighted to assist you further.

This list of Jaguar types is by no means exhaustive, and it is always worth getting in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements for key programming. We can assure you that we have dealt with lost keys for their entire range.

One of the biggest benefits of an entirely mobile key programming service is that we can bring everything necessary to wherever your vehicle is waiting. The last thing that you will want to be forced to do is to organise a costly transfer of the vehicle to a garage or dealer, and we are able to get the job done to the highest possible standards without any fuss.

Our service is ideal for Jaguar owners who want a backup or a spare key as well, ensuring that you are covered in the event that your main key decides to end up stuck inside!

For more information about our mobile Jaguar key programming services, please contact us on 07394201111. We can also be reached by email at

Keys locked inside a Jaguar Car

Although losing a Jaguar key can be frustrating, locking one inside the car and actually being able to see it can be far, far worse – it is easily done, as well!

Your boot may be handy for many things, but unfortunately, it can become an impromptu storage space for your keys. We understand that this can be an absolute nightmare, and with nobody inside your boot to press the all-important ‘unlock’ button it’s reassuring to know that we are only a phone call away.

Perhaps you inadvertently did it while being preoccupied with shopping bags or luggage, or even while carrying out maintenance on the car that has affected the electrical system; however it happened, the good news is that the team of mobile experts at Auto Key Specialists can have you back inside your Jaguar as quickly as possible.

We will always endeavour to reach you without a lengthy delay (this is why we operate as a truly mobile service), and our unrivalled levels of expertise will see you and your Jaguar back on the road with a minimal amount of fuss.

Many of our customers plan ahead for this sort of emergency by asking us to programme a spare key or two – you will be amazed how many people are eventually proved wrong when they declare that it will never happen to them!

With a variety of tools at our disposal, we are able to gain entry to your Jaguar in a non-destructive manner, leaving your pride and joy with zero damage. We have laser and chip-based technology for the tricky part of getting the vehicle unlocked because nobody wants to be hit with a further bill for repair work.

To get one of our specialists to retrieve ‘trapped’ Jaguar keys, simply call 07394 20 1111. You can also get in touch by email via

Jaguar Auto Locksmith

When you mention the name ‘Jaguar,’ you instantly have images of some of the finest examples of automotive engineering on the market, and so it makes perfect sense to only trust locksmiths who work to the highest possible standards.

At Auto Key Specialists, we only work with engineers who have an intimate knowledge of Jaguar vehicles and their sometimes complex entry and unlocking systems, and so you can rest assured that your car will be in the safest hands.

We are based in Harlow, covering the surrounding areas of Essex and South Hertfordshire, offering a mobile rescue service for any Jaguar owner who has lost or broken their keys, had them stolen, or is just generally unable to gain entry to their vehicle.

This includes key programming and cutting at the roadside, giving us everything that we need to get you back on the road again whether you run into problems at home or when out and about. Nobody wants to spend an entire day off work waiting for a mobile locksmith to turn up, so let us know what would be most convenient and we will come to you.

When you contact a Jaguar auto locksmith, there is always a risk that you will be employing someone who will end up damaging your vehicle in an attempt to get inside, and this is why with Auto Key Specialists you will always be visited by someone who is equipped to get the job done without leaving you with a hefty repair bill afterwards. When all is said and done, classic luxury cars need to be treated with a great deal of respect, and we share your passion for beautifully engineered Jaguars!

We don’t believe in doing things through force, and our equipment includes some of the latest laser-based and chip-based technology for a gentler route into your vehicle. After this stage, we can then ensure that your Electrical Control System (ECU) is fully functioning before completing the job.

Our customer feedback speaks for itself, as does the fact that so many of our clients return to us time and time again; to find out why, please do not hesitate to call us on  07394 20 1111. If you prefer, you can also get in touch by email on

Stolen/Lost Jaguar Keys

If losing your precious Jaguar keys or even having them stolen is your worst nightmare, allow our team of engineers at Auto Key Specialists to stop the situation escalating into a disaster.

As you will already be aware, it is vital to contact a reputable auto locksmith as soon as you realise that your keys are missing. If it is a case of theft, modern criminals will often have the information that they need to find your Jaguar, and so getting us involved could stop your much-beloved car being taken from you.

We are entirely mobile and ready to come to your rescue in Harlow and the surrounding areas of Essex and Hertfordshire, and our comprehensive service involves gaining access to your car and reprogramming both the vehicle and new keys – this will leave your thieves ultimately disappointed when they try to collect! We can perform all of this without having to take the vehicle away.

More importantly, when we attempt to unlock your Jaguar without the keys, we always do so without leaving any damage behind. While inferior, so-called ‘expert car locksmiths’ seem to believe in brute force, we are all highly skilled professionals with ultra-modern chip and laser technology that achieves the same goal. Your Jaguar is a thing of beauty, and we always treat it with the same care as you do.

If losing your Jaguar keys is something that you are concerned about, why not contact us and inquire about getting some spares cut and programmed? Again this is a service that we provide by coming to you, and we believe in only using keys that are manufactured to the highest possible standards. After all, nobody wants to be left with a spare that doesn’t work when it is desperately needed.

As soon as you realise that you no longer have your Jaguar keys, please call us on 07394 20 1111. You can also get in touch by email on to ask any questions that you may have.


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