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Prestige Mobile Car Key Replacement Hertford

We are a mobile car key replacement company in the Harlow, Essex and south east Hertfordshire area. Auto Key Specialists not only supply keys for vehicles but also cut and programme them too. If you’ve lost or damaged your vehicle keys, we are the right company for you to get in touch with.

Being “mobile” means we can come to you wherever you may be in our area. Whether you have a Mercedes Benz, a Range Rover, a Land Rover or a BMW, our specialists can assist if you’ve:

- Locked yourself out of your car
- Lost your car keys
- Damaged your keys in any way

Let us provide you with a service that’s second to none, dedicated to drivers of prestigious motors. Should you call out a mobile locksmith who hasn’t the right credentials, don’t expect a professional service. Replacement keys could be faulty or even stop working, so don’t leave anything to chance, contact us first.

Auto Key Specialists

Mobile Auto Locksmith in Hertford

For a reliable car key replacement service, you can’t beat Auto Key Specialists, the best mobile auto locksmith in Hertford. Often car keys just stop working, you may lose your only set of keys or they could be damaged. Whatever the problem, car keys are a must to drive your motor, you just can’t do without them.

We operate 24/7, 365 days a year and what’s more, guarantee same day service. It doesn’t really matter which type of vehicle you drive, a Bentley, VW, Ferrari or any other make of high-end car, let us come to your rescue. Our specialists will provide a premium, top quality transponder replacement key which is for your vehicle only, one which is fully secure.

We know many drivers totally depend on being able to use their cars every day. With this in mind, our goal is to serve every customer within the hour. If your car key is faulty, damaged or gets lost, we know how annoying this can be. It disrupts the day and can create all sorts of problems. Once you contact us and our specialists have found your location in Hertford we get to work without delay.

Should you have locked yourself out of your motor, our locksmiths can gain entry without causing too much damage. We will supply you with a new set of car keys that are synchronised to the vehicle itself. Any issue you have with car keys will be sorted out quickly and professionally. Car key problems? Give us a call day or night, we are there for you.

Rest assured, when it comes to the cost of car key replacement, there are no hidden extras. After an initial telephone conversation, we let you know the exact price of the service needed. Our technician will then meet you at your preferred location and begin work straight away. The car key replacement process takes about an hour from start to finish, so not too long before you’re on the road again.

Car Key Replacement Hertford
Non Destructive Car Entry

Keys locked in car Hertford

Any problem with vehicle entry isn’t too big or too small for us here at Auto Key Specialists. It’s surprising how many people accidentally lock their keys in the boot while loading the car with shopping or just lose keys. When a vehicle won’t start and the driver is trying to jump-start their car, the locking mechanism can be triggered.

Let’s face it, it can be very annoying locking yourself out of your motor. For the best solution, call locksmiths who can gain entry without causing any destruction. Auto Key Specialists pride themselves in offering a quick, efficient service while keeping costs low.

If you decide to try to get into the car yourself, you’re more than likely to make things worse. To gain entry into the vehicle, the first thing some drivers might do is break a window. One thing’s for sure the window will need to be replaced. Some use tools to solve the problem, big mistake. This will not only damage the locking system but make repairs all the more expensive.

Highly trained technicians at Auto Key Specialists know the right way to access a locked vehicle without creating any damage. If you own a prestigious motor such as an Audi, a Jaguar, BMW, Volvo or Mercedes Benz, you don’t want it to lose its pristine looks. A non-destructive entry by specialists is always best.

When using the services of a professional mobile auto locksmith, non-destructive vehicle entry is guaranteed. This will also mean that your high-end luxury car remains undamaged. The scenario of being locked out of your motor can seem like a nightmare and sometimes panic sets in, leading to making rash decisions. Think clearly – have you considered how much a rash decision could cost you in the long run?

Luxury Car Locksmith

Here at Auto Key Specialists, our highly specialised auto locksmiths are dedicated in providing a service to drivers of luxury cars. We are proud to cover a wide range of top brands from Land Rover to Volvo, Audi to Jaguar, Mercedes Benz to Range Rover. If you’ve lost your keys or find yourself locked out of your vehicle, count on us to come to the rescue.

We are aware that calling standard locksmiths to supply a car key replacement can lead to further problems in the future. It’s no secret that some locksmiths are known to use inferior technology or simply just don’t know what they are doing. You could not only end up with a faulty transponder key for your luxury motor, but it might take longer to get your hands on a new key.

It only takes a key that has been programmed in the wrong way for you to be facing the same problem – unable to gain access inside your vehicle. There’s also the issue of potentially driving an unsecure car, not what you want at all.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a VW, Ferrari, BMW or Bentley, we understand the laser and chip technology behind programmed transponder car keys. Have peace of mind that our operatives have the know-how to provide you with the right replacement key for your car. Everything comes down to the coding. The new key needs to be in line with your car’s ECU. Once this is done correctly, the proximity sensor will be able to detect your new car key, problem solved.

Trust the experts at Auto Key Specialists if you are locked out of your car or have a lost or damaged key. We have a team of enthusiastic trained professionals who understand the importance of getting the job done.

Drivers of high-end vehicles in Harlow, Essex and south east Hertfordshire can benefit from our luxury car locksmith services. Many drivers have done so already. To see what they say about us, check out our online testimonials. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either online or by phone.

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