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Prestige Mobile Car Key Replacement in Harlow

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Welcome to Auto Key Specialists, the mobile locksmith's service which is dedicated to assisting drivers of prestige automobiles in Harlow.

It's a scenario that can happen to all of us; we find ourselves locked out of our vehicle, with no safe way to gain re-entry. But the issue facing drivers of high-end vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover Land Rover, Volvo and Jaguar, is the number of mobile locksmiths without the necessary knowledge to cut and program keys for these kinds of vehicles. Don't get caught out! Trust Auto Key Specialists for the right expertise and technology to provide you with the best replacement car keys in next to no time.

Auto Key Specialists

Mobile Auto Locksmith Harlow,Essex.

Whether your keys have stopped functioning or if you have lost them, you never know when it will happen or where you will be. That's it's important to know a local & prestige mobile auto locksmith which can offer you a responsive and reliable service.

Auto Key Specialists are at your service 24/7, 365 days a year. This is a guaranteed same day service where we come to you! Whether you drive a Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover Land Rover or Volvo - we have the right technology and expertise to provide you with a premium quality transponder key which is fully secure and produced to be unique for your vehicle.

We understand time is of the essence. For many of our customers, a lost, damaged or faulty car key can mean that their day is disrupted, and they need to get back on track as quickly as possible. For this reason, we have made it our aim to attend to every customer within the hour.

We don't believe in confusing our customers with hidden extras when it comes to pricing. So as soon as we speak to you over the phone, we'll let you know the exact cost of the whole service, with no misleading 'small print'. After coming to you at the location of your choice, we get to work right away. Usually, transponder car keys for vehicles such as VWs, Audis, Bentley and other high-end vehicles will take about an hour to be ready.

Even in the case of jobs which involve gaining entry to your vehicle, we work at a fast pace until you have access to your car, as well as a new pair of keys. Before you know it, our mobile locksmith service will present you with a new key which is fully synchronised to your car. Leaving you safe, secure and ready to get on the road again!

Car Key Replacement Harlow
Non Destructive Car Entry

Keys locked in Boot? Or Car in Harlow?

It can happen in several different ways - from locking your keys in your boot while loading up the car with shopping, to triggering the locking mechanism accidentally while applying jump leads to your car. If you've locked your keys inside your car, there is usually only one sensible solution - and that is to gain entry. But you need the experts at Auto Key Specialists on your side to ensure that you gain entry responsibly, safely, and to keep costs as low as possible.

Drivers who take matters into their own hands can end up jeopardising their own safety, especially if the method of gaining entry involves smashing glass or tools which could potentially be dangerous if used in the wrong way. The team of trained technicians at Auto Key Specialists knows the right way to gain entry into prestige automobiles, from Audis to Jaguars, Mercedes Benzs, BMWs, Range Rovers, Land Rovers and Volvos. And the right way is always the non-destructive way!

Utilising a professional mobile auto locksmith who is a specialist in dealing with high end and luxury cars means you are leaving your vehicle re-entry in the right hands. Sometimes when the nightmare scenario of being locked out of your car occurs, panicking is a natural reaction. That can lead to making rash decisions in order to get inside as quickly as possible - but have you considered how much it could cost you if you take matters into your own hands? Causing damage to your vehicle could cause costs to spiral, so is it really worth it? Using Auto Key Specialists can end up saving you money, and we aim to get to you and get the job done in under an hour - whether you are in Harlow, or the wider Essex and Hertfordshire areas.

It isn't worth the time, hassle, or money to attempt the job yourself - we can promise that we'll do the job without causing damage to your vehicle, and in many cases can cut down the time it takes. Whether your keys have been locked in the front or back of your car, or your boot, allow the experienced and skilled locksmiths at Auto Key Specialists to unlock your prestige vehicle.

Luxury Car Locksmith Located in Harlow

At Auto Key Specialists, we are specialised auto locksmiths dedicated to providing a service to drivers of luxury cars. We cover a wide range of brands – from Mercedes Benz to Range Rover, BMW, Land Rover, Volvo, Audi and Jaguar – and so if you have lost your keys or locked them in your vehicle, trust us to come to the rescue.

Our customers recognise that calling a standard locksmith to supply them with a key could cause problems further down the track. That’s because some locksmiths are known to use substandard technology, meaning that not only could you end up with a faulty transponder key for your luxury vehicle, but it might also end up taking longer to get your hands on the new key. All it takes is a key which has been programmed wrongly, and you could be facing the same problem of being unable to get inside your vehicle, and potentially driving an insecure car.

Whether it is Bentley, VW, or Ferrari – we understand the laser and chip technology behind programmed transponder car keys, and have the experience and know-how to ensure your replacement works just as effectively as your original car keys. It all comes down to the coding of the new key, in line with your car’s ECU. Once this is done correctly, you can have the peace of mind which comes with knowing your car’s proximity sensor will detect your new car key, and that you won’t be back in a nightmare scenario!

Drivers of luxury vehicles in Harlow, as well as South East Hertfordshire and Essex, trust the experts at Auto Key Specialists for rapid response in cases of a lost key, damaged key, or key locked inside a car. Our team is comprised of trained professionals who understand the importance of getting the job done quickly, efficiently and properly!

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