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Prestige Mobile Car Key Replacement Epping

We’ve all done it; you’re rushing to get the kids to school or get the shopping in the boot, or in a hurry to get to that meeting, and before you can blink, you have locked your keys inside your luxury car.

What you don’t want to do is call just any locksmiths to come along and damage your car because they do not know how to handle luxury cars. You can rest assured that at Auto Key Specialists, we have you covered. Not only we are fast and reliable, we know and understand high-end cars and we deliver top service. Our technicians are carefully trained in all aspects of car key replacement and programming, and will flawlessly gain access to your car without any damage.

As experienced Epping auto locksmiths, we are based in Harlow, Essex with UK-wide coverage and no matter where you are, at home or workplace or out on the road, we can get to you fast. Our aim is to make the key replacement process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, so you can trust your valuable car in our expert hands.

At Auto Key Specialists, we can replace your prestige car keys efficiently and without delay, but most importantly on the road to get you moving again. If you’ve lost or broken your car keys, or just need a spare set, we can provide you with an expert solution. If you are thinking of ordering a key from a car dealer, don’t forget that the key will need programming to your vehicle, because car keys contain a concealed transponder chip that is used to deactivate the cars on board immobiliser. Why should you wait days for a key to arrive when you could be back on the road the same day?

Our technicians can produce or programme car keys for any top brand. We pride ourselves on our expertise in luxury cars. Because we understand the passion that goes into owning a prestige car, we take extremely good care of your vehicle with minimal fuss and inconvenience.

Our customers trust us to deliver a fast quality service, with no damage to the car, right on your doorstep.

Auto Key Specialists

Mobile Auto Locksmith Local to Epping

When the unthinkable happens and your keys are locked in your car or broken, this is exactly when you need us most. Our Mobile Auto Locksmith can be with you in moments thanks to our blanket coverage. With headquarters in Harlow, Essex, we are Epping auto locksmiths you can depend on to reach you whenever you need us.

Our fast and efficient service is not just for emergencies, it comes as standard. This is because we understand how important it is for you to regain access to your prestige car with immediate effect and with minimal stress. Roadside service includes all the solutions you may need, from key replacement to spare keys, programming of your new keys and fobs.

Auto Key Specialists are highly trained in providing support for the following brands:
Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover & Land Rover, Volvo and Jaguar

It is sometimes the case that Mercedes and BMW cars are sold with only one key, but do not worry, at Auto Key Specialists we are experts in our field and can provide you with key reprogramming, replacing or simply an extra set of keys.

Our prestige mobile car key replacement service is especially effective for Mercedes cars. If you were to order the keys from a dealer, you would not only have to prove ownership, but you would have to also wait for the new key to be delivered from the Mercedes head office in Germany.

Auto Key Specialists can have you back in your car and driving in only a few hours.

Our auto locksmiths use specialised equipment on the road to not only offer you replacement keys but programme them to your car and reproduce remote fobs for central locking.

By reprogramming your Volvo car keys, Auto Key Specialists will be able to retain your current personal preferences in driver profiles, if any have been previously connected to the car’s keys.

No matter the requirement, our specialist technicians can reach you quickly, assess the situation with impeccable knowledge and deliver the high-end service that you expect for your luxury car.

Car Key Replacement Harlow
Non Destructive Car Entry

Keys locked in car Epping

Our Epping auto locksmith specialists are trained to gain vehicle entry without causing damage to your car. With all the latest technology at their disposal, they can cut keys to code by using your ignition or door lock. Once our technicians have gained entrance to your vehicle, they will cut new keys, code them to your car and issue them to you at the roadside.

It is crucial to use specialised technicians like Auto Key Specialists when you own a prestige car, as a poorly serviced car can develop issues with the central locking system and compromise the security of the car. As luxury cars have computerised keys, when they are programmed by someone with poor knowledge, they can become corrupted and can potentially expose your car to theft.

No matter how tempting it can be to force entry into the car, it is recommended that you do not attempt to do it yourself, or look for the cheapest locksmith that you can find, because you could risk seriously damaging your car and lock. Not only may you run up a bill of hundreds of pounds of repairs, but you may end up having to call a serious locksmith like us after all.

Based in Harlow, Essex, we are ready to come quickly to your rescue and are fully trained in the handling of key entry for big brands of luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover, Land Rover, Volvo and Jaguar.

Being without your car can be extremely distressing and because of this, we can get to you at your home, workplace or by the roadside 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Not only are we there for you anytime you need us, but we can guarantee you will be back on the road the same day.

These are the Auto Key Specialists’ same day guarantee and immaculate luxury car handling service which set us apart from our competitors. Because we understand how much of an investment your car can be, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the luxury car business, by continually updating and training our technicians on the latest innovations in prestige cars’ locking systems.

Luxury Car Locksmith

Our technicians carry the latest laser technology and will uniquely code your new keys so that no other key will gain entry to your car. The coding they provide works like an individual fingerprint that cannot be duplicated. This will ensure that, even though you have replaced your keys, the security attached to your car is not compromised.

We are Epping auto locksmiths based in Harlow, Essex and have a lot of testimonials about our fast, reliable and quality service from customers who appreciate our dedication to preserve the condition of luxury cars when replacing keys and gaining entry.

With Auto Key Specialists, you can be sure that your luxury car will remain immaculate, and your newly programmed or cut replacement keys will be of the best quality. Your security will remain uncompromised and the whole process will be as stress-free as possible, giving you peace of mind.

We cover all manner of key related issues, from lost and broken keys to computer keys and fobs that have stopped working or have been tampered with. Of course, you may only want spare keys for yourself or members of your family, which we can cut or programmed as you wish.

What makes us different is that we are mobile, we can reach you in the fastest time, and we’re passionate about luxury cars and the way they should be handled. We cause absolutely no damage to your car, we code new keys to your car and update your fobs in a completely secure way.

Above all, our customer service is second to none, putting you at ease with our know-how, speed and understanding, and getting you back in driving in your car in just hours. Not many car locksmiths can promise that!

So, for a professional, prestige car specialist, mobile auto locksmith, look no further than Auto Key Specialists. No matter how you get locked out of your car, we will get you back in and driving in no time with quality replacement keys which are totally secure.

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