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It can happen to anyone – you realise you’re locked out of your car and there’s no sign of the key. With no way of getting in, what are you supposed to do? Nobody wants an inconvenience like this to take over their day, which is why ؘAuto Key Specialists provides a mobile locksmith service to help owners of prestige vehicles regain access to their vehicles. If you’re the driver of a high-end automobile and find yourself unable to access your vehicle in Cheshunt or Harlow, just call us. We operate a 24-hour call-out service so can come to you, wherever you are.

When trying to gain access to a prestige vehicle like a luxury 4x4 or sports car, you need to know the job’s being done by somebody who knows what they’re doing. The problem is that many mobile locksmiths are lacking in the knowledge needed to be able to cut and programme keys for prestige vehicles. They might be OK with a lower-end car, but their systems will just not be sophisticated enough for Land Rovers, BMWs or Jaguars. Allow Auto Key Specialists to step in – we’re equipped with the correct know-how and equipment to be able to get into your car and replace your car keys without doing any damage to what is potentially your most cherished possession.

Our specialists are highly trained in regaining access to some of the best vehicles available in the UK today. If you’re lucky enough to drive one of these cars, we know how valuable it is to you and how keen you’ll be to be able to get back into the driver's seat ASAP. You may well have other people relying on you – a partner, an offspring who needs to get somewhere or work that needs to be done. With our fast, reliable locksmith service, you can drive off into the sunset safe in the knowledge that the job’s been done properly.

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We know that it can happen at any moment – your keys stop working or you suddenly realise you don’t know where they are. Perhaps you’ve locked them in your car boot or your child has been playing with them, and has dropped them somewhere. There’s no way of getting into your car without damaging it, and you’ve got somewhere to be. It’s just not worth trying to solve the problem yourself. With our mobile auto locksmith service, you’ll benefit from a responsive service whether you’re in Cheshunt, Harlow or the wider Hertfordshire area.

Once we receive the call from you, we’ll usually get to you within the hour and will start work immediately. We’ll always let you know what the charge is for our service before we get going on the job – this means there’ll be no unpleasant surprises when it’s time to pay. We’ll be able to produce the new key for your Land Rover, Volvo or other prestige vehicle in about one hour – and often earlier. The time we take will depend on various factors, such as whether you are locked out of your car. This will take a little longer than if the doors are open.

At Auto Key Specialises, we just love helping motorists out in their hour of need. We are proud to offer a quick, reliable, high-quality and great-value service. We thrive on the smile we see on our customers’ faces when it’s all over and they can drive off in their prestige vehicle once again.

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Non Destructive Vehicle Entry

Keys locked in car Cheshunt? Look no futher!

When you find yourself unable to enter your car, there’s a real danger if you panic. Naturally, you want to get the problem solved ASAP, but if you take matters into your own hands, you could do yourself and your vehicle irreversible damage. If you smash a window or use a tool wrongly, you could be creating real problems for you and your family. The best thing to do is to call a specialist to deal with the problem. We offer our services in Harlow, Cheshunt and in the wider South East Herts area. We deal with over 95% of our calls within the first visit – getting you back up and running so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Many dealerships offer a locksmithing service, but not all can manage prestige cars effectively. When entering a vehicle without the intended key, there are a number of risks associated with regaining access and producing a new key that is unique to your vehicle. Many prestige cars are equipped with a proximity sensor that vets the key to make sure it is the right one for the vehicle. For this reason, the new key that we create for your car needs to be coded to your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU).

Our special technicians combine laser and chip technology to make sure that the key we produce for you is the only key that will open your car doors. We have special equipment that covers all makes and models of Mercedez Benz and other luxury cars. Using our systems, we’ll ‘talk’ to your vehicle and create a brand-new key for you. In some cases, we’ll also need to remove stored devices from your car’s memory. This is especially important if you have lost your car keys, or if your property has been burgled. Without this, whoever finds (or has stolen) your car keys can get into your car – and you certainly don’t want that. With our service, you can gain the peace of mind you need when you’re stressing about your treasured BMW or Jaguar.

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Here at Auto Key Specialists we know how much you love your vehicle. Not only does it get you from A to B, it’s also a place for listening to your favourite podcast, chatting with your children and sometimes singing at the top of your voice as you breeze through the British countryside. When you drive a prestige vehicle such as a Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Volvo or Jaguar, it’s likely you take even more pride in your precious wheels. After all, it’s reliable, great quality and looks good – we understand perfectly.

Unfortunately, not all car locksmiths use the right technology for the job. If substandard equipment is used, at best the job will take a little longer than necessary, but at worst you’ll end up with a wrongly programmed key for your vehicle – putting you right back to square one. At Auto Key Specialists we specialise in helping drivers of luxury cars such as Bentleys and Ferraris. Whatever luxury vehicle you drive, we’ll enable you to regain access to your vehicle when you’ve misplaced your keys or had them stolen.

We usually can unlock all makes and models of cars that were bought in the UK. If you didn’t buy your vehicle in the UK, please simply talk to us as it’s highly likely we’ll still be able to create a new key for you. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our service. We pride ourselves on being a friendly company and on being able to answer any customer queries quickly.

Our 24-hour mobile locksmith service includes most areas in South East Hertfordshire, and some locations in Essex too. We employ professional car locksmiths who can join you by the side of the road or come to your home or workplace. Areas covered are Cheshunt, Bishop’s Stortford, Hatfield, Harlow, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Sawbridgeworth, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City and Ware. If you’re unsure about whether we cover your area, please get in touch and ask!

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