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Mobile BMW key replacement Hertfordshire & Essex

Imagine getting ready to leave for work or being about to begin an important journey, but then realising you have lost your BMW key or that it is faulty. It is likely your day will be ruined, and you will probably begin to panic about your BMW key replacement.

As such luxurious cars, we understand that these valuable BMWs are often the pride and joy of the owner. Our professional team are BMW key specialists who can offer mobile BMW key replacement and BMW key programming. We can provide you with complete peace of mind, as our experienced team know exactly how to navigate your premium BMW. Our BMW locksmith specialists will professionally gain access to your car, without causing any permanent damage. Whether you have a lost BMW key, or the key is broken, our professional technicians will solve your problems quickly and easily so you can start your day.

Whether you are locked out of your car at home or stranded somewhere on the motorway miles from home, our rapid mobile locksmiths will ensure you are back on the road in a short space of time. We understand how easily keys can be broken or misplaced, so our committed team will work tirelessly to have your BMW back on the road in a short period of time. We will quickly replace your key and can even supply a spare key, which could prevent a similar future issue.

BMWs are known for their advanced technology, and the keys are no exception. The key is programmed so that it is unique to your vehicle, which improves security, but also means that any programming issues will see your vehicle stranded and unable to start. Our BMW key programming services will fully synchronise the replacement key with your car, which will solve any technical issues now and in the future. Our skilled team of technicians will travel to you in one of our mobile vans in less than an hour, so there is no need to visit an inconveniently located mechanic. This rapid response service will reduce your waiting time so that stress is removed and you can quickly begin your journey.


If you Need a Auto Locksmith In Hertfordshire Or Essex That specialises in BMW’s then look no further.

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Bmw 3 Series Key Replacement
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Models covered for BMW key programming In Hertfordshire & Essex

Although BMWs are high-end luxury cars, unfortunately, they are not exempt from technical issues. Our services are designed exclusively for premium vehicles such as BMWs, and our skilled team are able to replace keys for all popular models.

From the smaller 2 and 3 series to the larger 5 series and 7 series models, our experienced team understand the intricacies of programming keys for these cars, so that you can be back on the road quickly. Our knowledgeable team even have an excellent knowledge of some of the latest BMW technology within vehicles such as the electric i3.

We also receive many calls from owners of impressive SUVs such as the BMW X3. These large, safe vehicles are often owned by families, which need to complete essential school runs with their children. Without a functional key, the car is impossible to use. It is so easy to damage the key fob – just a short drop can cause internal damage and technical issues with programming are not uncommon. If you are unsure what has caused the issue, our experienced team will quickly troubleshoot the problems with the key and fix any faults. As professional locksmiths to premium cars, we will not cause any lasting damage to the exterior of the vehicle or the key.

Some of the most luxurious BMWs are the sports models such as the Z4. As such an attractive and valuable car, the convertible variations can be a target for opportunist thieves who spot the car’s keys. If the keys have been stolen, we can reprogram the system so that the thieves will not be able to gain access to the car; only your new set will be able to open and start the car.

We have experienced locksmiths for almost every BMW model, however, if you are unsure, our friendly team will be able to quickly tell you whether we can assist with your particular car. If we can help, we offer a fair pricing structure with no hidden extras across our whole key programming and replacement services.

Keys locked inside a BMW Essex & Hertfordshire

Locking a set of keys inside the car is something which we never think will happen to us, but it is so easy to do and is very common. The most likely situation is when a key is left in the ignition while the driver steps out of the car for just a few seconds. However, in many cars, this will mean that as soon as the door is closed, the car automatically locks behind them. A set of keys still in the ignition is the ideal target for thieves, so it is important to gain access as soon as possible. Our professional team provide a quick one hour call out service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Another common scenario is when the driver forgets the keys are inside a bag or coat, which is then placed in the boot. When we are in a rush, it only takes a split second for our busy minds to forget the keys are in the boot. The most natural instant reaction is to attempt to gain entry to retrieve the key as quickly as possible. However, smashing windows or even forcing a door open will result in expensive damage to your luxury car. It is important to remain calm, as our quick and safe services are just a phone call away.

Our experienced team know exactly how to retrieve the key safely, with no expensive long-term damage to worry about. As specialist locksmiths, whatever BMW model you own our team will be able to gain access quickly and efficiently. Although it can seem embarrassing and inconvenient to give the professionals a call, our team complete these type of calls every day and will soon have your keys back in your hand. We know just how easily it can happen, so there is no need to feel nervous about giving our friendly team a call. Wherever you are located, our team will be with you in less than an hour.

The Best BMW Auto Locksmith In Hertfordshire & Essex

Modern BMW keys use advanced digital technology to create popular new features that have completely revolutionised the access and control we have over our cars. BMW has created keys which make it easier than ever to use our cars, whilst also providing improved levels of protection by making the locking system more secure. Although these cars are more protected from potential thieves, this new technology does mean there are risks of faults occurring. Whether the key is dropped, or the programming is faulty, it can mean you are either locked out of the car or the key will no longer start the car.

As specialist locksmiths to premium vehicles, our team are the most experienced BMW locksmiths in the area. Our skilled technicians know exactly how to gain access to a locked vehicle and they can remove keys which are stuck in locks or ignitions. We can even offer replacement keys to our customers who have lost or broken their set. Our team will code the new key to your vehicle’s system, so will be just as effective as the original BMW key, at a fraction of the cost.

An unqualified auto locksmith will not have the necessary skills or equipment required to handle your BMW with the care it requires. Instead, you could end up with high repair bills and replacement keys which quickly become faulty further down the line. Our qualified and fully insured team will provide you with the complete peace of mind that your car will be left in a pristine condition and perfect working order. Our cars are such an essential part of our everyday lives that it is important we are able to rely on them, especially these highly-valuable premium BMWs which are often the pride and joy of their owners.

Stolen/Lost BMW Keys Hertfordshire

It is incredibly easy to lose car keys, whether they are dropped in the street or just completely vanish. Losing keys is something which happens to us all and can be extremely stressful, especially if we have somewhere important to be. If you have lost your keys and need to get to work, do the school run or even make it to the airport on time, our experienced team can be with you within an hour with a replacement key. Although it is always possible that the lost key will make an appearance again, the new key will mean you always have a spare at hand.

It is always advisable to have a spare key, but if the original key is stolen this does mean the whole system is compromised. In these technically advanced BMWs, simply replacing the locking system will not solve the issue. A trained technician will need to reprogram the system to sync with the replacement keys so that the stolen key will never be able to unlock or start the car. This will protect your BMW from thieves and provide you with complete peace of mind. If your keys have been stolen it is important to act quickly, as the thief could be waiting for an opportunity to steal your valuable car.

As a qualified and fully equipped team, we are able to use the latest technology to completely wipe the electronic chip in your car and remaining keys. The technician will program the car so that it will no longer acknowledge the old key if the thief attempts to steal the car. The keys we provide will work in exactly the same way as your original BMW key, with every function working as you would expect.

Programming replacement keys takes specific training and equipment, especially for high-end car brands such as BMW’s. An unqualified technician is unlikely to have the latest equipment and knowledge required to accurately program a replacement to work consistently. Instead, the substandard key could see you locked out of the car or stranded when it fails to start the car. As a professional company, the replacements we provide are of the highest standard and will completely match your original BMW keys; in fact, no one will be able to tell the difference. Our quick call out times, honest pricing structure and reliable service will mean that you and your luxury BMW are properly cared for.

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